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How Do They Develop?   Hemorrhoids are usually caused by the pressures created upon the rectum or anus often from constipation, heavy lifting, or long periods of time sitting. All of these can put stress on the rectal/anal area and cause the veins to bulge. These bulging veins in the rectal area are the hemorrhoids that are so bothersome. As hemorrhoids develop they are irritated and grow worse with every bowel movement so it is essential to seek cures and treatments for them. 

Added Fiber To Your Diet   A most effective approach to relieve the pain and reduce the irritation is through the softening of bowel movements. This can be accomplished by drinking lots of fluids, water preferable, and increasing the fiber in your diet. Easy sources of fiber include lots of fresh vegetables, grains and fresh fruits. By softening movements you decrease the irritation to the Hemorrhoids which helps in the healing process. 

Staying Active, Avoid Long Sittings 

Sitting for an extended period of time is another major contributor to the outbreak of hemorrhoids. If your employed somewhere that has you sitting for the majority of the day try to take breaks and walk around to generate healthy blood flow. Sitting will concentrate blood flow right to the source of the problem and lead to added pain and discomfort from the hemorrhoids.

Intermittent Ice And Bathing 

Intermittent applications of ice to the hemorrhoids will help reduce the swelling, and inflammation of them. This can be effective in 10 - 15 minute intervals several times a day then relaxing in-between to allow healing. Also, bathing before going to bed can help in curing hemorrhoids. By filling the bath with just enough water to be able to sit and soak for about 15 - 20 minutes you can allow the muscles and tissues to relax and begin retracting. When drying, be sure to avoid wiping the area dry, instead dab, this will prevent any further unneeded irritation. 

Returning Hemorrhoids   These are few of the Natural cures for hemorrhoids that should prove effective. After the hemorrhoids appear to have been reduced, or gone completely, it is important to not fall into bad habits again is it is very possible for them to return. Remember to keep a healthy diet and stay active to reduce the chance of hemorrhoids reappearing.

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Cures For Hemorrhoids

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This article was published on 2010/03/28