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When you are one of the millions of people who are experiencing the problem of hemorrhoids, you will notice the most common symptom will be excessive bleeding from the anal area. Your hemorrhoids primarily bleed because they are blood vessels anyway. In some cases, your bleeding can be extremely light or heavy. You may notice that the bleeding may coat stools or it may be present on your toilet paper as you have bowel movements. You can get hemorrhoids through any number of ways primarily from excessive strain and pressure placed on your anal area. You may get hemorrhoid if you are overweight, if you are a lady who is pregnant, if you are seated for long periods of time and any number of reasons however, once you do get hemorrhoids it is important to get hemorrhoid relief.

When you first notice you have hemorrhoids usually comes with extreme pain and bleeding. Over half of the adults in the world have had them at one point in their life. Because so many people get this problem the need have hemorrhoid relief becomes very important to a person.

The healing process of hemorrhoids can be a very long time, especially if you are always constipated or if you have to strain a lot when going to the toilet. A sure hemorrhoid relief in this situation is to eat fiber rich foods which include fruits, grains, vegetables and beans. This will help soften the stools and offer you some hemorrhoid relief.

Another form of hemorrhoid relief is getting fiber supplements such as Fiberall, Metamucil and Psyllium pills. Every one of these can be bought over the counter of your local drugstore.

Getting more hemorrhoid relief:

1. One very important thing you must do to get hemorrhoid relief is to drink more water.

2. You may also consider a warm sitz bath every day 4 or 5 times. You may also add Epsom salts for adding relief. This will reduce swelling and ease the pain. This is a very effective hemorrhoid relief.

3. Losing weight is another alternative when it is the cause, to get hemorrhoid relief. It takes away the pressure on your anal area.

4. You may also consider creams and ointments, however be aware that they will not get rid of the hemorrhoids, they offer a temporary hemorrhoid relief.

5. Another type of hemorrhoid relief many find effective is the use of stool softeners that can be purchased at the grocery store. You will get much softer stool that can be passed easily.

6. Hemorrhoids sometimes will require more help when they become more painful and irritating. Some people opt for one of the surgical procedures which completely remove the hemorrhoid. This is good because it takes 4 weeks to recover and is extremely painful.

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Getting Hemorrhoid Relief

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This article was published on 2010/04/03