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Hemorrhoid is a widespread ailment, but lots of people are not eager to speak about it. The subject tends to be embarrassing to some and hemorrhoid sufferers seem to suffer in silence, in spite the mere fact that relief is not that hard to attain. In almost all hemorrhoid cases, there is no need to see or consult a doctor. Furthermore, one may not even have to buy medication.

Some simple actions one can do at home will give fast hemorrhoid relief. By adding some lifestyle change, one may never be bothered by hemorrhoids again. Outlined are some tips that one may do in order to treat and prevent hemorrhoids. First is to avoid pressure. A hemorrhoid usually occurs when the blood veins surrounding the anus and rectum become inflamed and swollen.

One reason behind the inflammation and swelling is higher than average pressure, typically due to constipation as well as straining during the bowel movement. It is advisable for a person who has a hemorrhoid to transform his strenuous and difficult bowel movements into easy and soft bowel movements. To accomplish this, he must take lots of fluids (water is suggested) and fiber (vegetables, whole grains and fruits).

Once the pressure of problematical bowel movement has been relieved, one will start to obtain some hemorrhoid relief. And while waiting for the fluids and fiber to take effect, it would be good for an individual suffering from hemorrhoid to lubricate his rectum with a very little amount of petroleum jelly.

Hemorrhoid relief can also be obtained by taking warm baths. It would be best if the hemorrhoid sufferer can bathe in the warm water quite a lot of times each day.

Hemorrhoid itching can be distracting. Having warm baths can provide quick relief from itching and pain and can increase the flow of blood in the swollen area. Some hemorrhoid sufferers suggest the external use of witch hazel.

They said applying witch hazel on ice before applying or using it can multiply the hemorrhoid relief effect. They also suggest other hemorrhoid sufferers to take stoneroot because among herbal formulations, this herbal remedy appears to be the most effective. Stoneroot can usually be acquired in capsule form.

It must be taken once a day or as prescribed by a professional alternative health practitioner. Next tip is to lose weight. Being overweight may contribute to the severity of one's hemorrhoid. However, losing weight and doing a lot of exercises can provide lasting hemorrhoid cure. It is advisable to lessen the intake of salt as possible because having lots of salt in the system can cause one to retain his fluid, eventually leading to building veins.

Lastly, it is important for hemorrhoid sufferers to follow their urges. Once they have the spur to use the comfort room, then they must not delay any more than needed because such delays may only lead to more straining and can only worsen the ailment.

Hemorrhoid sufferers can get hemorrhoid relief by understanding and following the tips above. If for instance the bleeding worsens, a doctor must be called at once.

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Hemorrhoid Relief
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Hemorrhoid Relief

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Hemorrhoid Relief - How to Relieve Hemorrhoid Pain

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