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Hemorrhoids are a common occurrence, which is prevalent throughout the world, affecting the health of a number of people. Sufferers will vouch that this condition is not only painful and irritating, but at times embarrassing. But then, medical professions contend that it is not a serious affliction. The suffering is caused because of the veins present around the anus that swell, and get irritated, resulting in this painful condition. Hemorrhoids manifest themselves in two ways, externally and internally and some people are known to suffer from both Hemorrhoid conditions at the same time.

The reasons for this affliction varies from person to person. But, all the reasons end up in the pressure that is put on the veins in the rectum, which is the basic reason for this condition. Similarly when pelvic region's veins are put to stress and pressure, the result will be the beginning of the condition.

How do the veins get pressurized in these areas, in the first place?

There are a variety of ways in which veins get pressurized. The primary reason is the strain imposed on the veins during bowel movement. Though it is the common feeling that constipation in people results in straining of the veins, recent findings have shown that even diarrhea causes a lot of strain on the veins in this area. If you are overweight, it may also cause strain on the veins, which are indeed very sensitive.

The condition establishes itself in the body, with certain predictable signs. Both the types of Hemorrhoids, whether external or internal, have their own unique symptoms as well as common signs to both types of Hemorrhoids. If you suspect that you may have this condition or if you have been tested and found to be suffering from this condition, it is necessary to educate yourself to some basics to help yourself to heal and also get some relief. Remember there are a number of signs which may not have been caused by Hemorrhoids, but people mistake them to be so. Many symptoms connected with colon cancer are similar to those of Hemorrhoids and paying attention to these can help you in getting the necessary help and diagnosis from your physician.

* Pain around rectum area is a common sign of Hemorrhoids. The pain will be so acute as to make it difficult for you to stand or sit for prolonged time. Cleaning the area is also very painful, which is considered by the medical fraternity as well as the sufferers, as a troublesome factor related to Hemorrhoids.

* Another embarrassing sign which this condition brings along with it is uncomfortable itching and burning sensation in the area. Embarrassment is more because this symptom does not choose its time or place, and may begin anywhere at any point of time. Though you may feel like scratching the area, you are advised not to do this, as it will only aggravate the irritation.

* Bleeding progression differs from individual to individual. While some may experience this only during bowel movement, some might have it during the flare up periods of the external Hemorrhoids. Many individuals that experience bleeding with their bowel movement most often is related to Hemorrhoids and becomes obvious when you notice blood on toilet tissue or notice staining on your undergarments. Also there may be some mucus present in the stool, which is also related to Hemorrhoids. This is because of the restricted blood supply to a vein in the anus area.

* There may be extremely painful nodules in the rectum, due to blood flow to veins being interfered. If any of these symptoms persist consult a doctor without any delay.

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Intro to Hemorrhoids

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This article was published on 2010/03/28