The Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are one of the most common of all conditions adults may experience and more than half of all adults will experience this condition at some time in their lives. For most people there is a lot of information that is not exactly accurate for people who suffer from this condition, however for the most part the hemorrhoid symptoms are the same in even the most inaccurate information. You should get familiar with main symptoms of hemorrhoids that you have if you hope to find a cure for the problem.

You will discover that hemorrhoid symptoms include itching; some burning sensations and some pain in your rectal area can all be common conditions. In addition a person may also experience a swelling or a bulge of inflamed veins in the rectum. In some cases there may be a mass filled with blood that is clotted or thrombosed. These hemorrhoids may be characterized by bright red blood covering your stools or in your toilet paper.

Usually the internal hemorrhoids may also start to bleed, a problem that usually comes from some deeper problem that may be going on within the anus. For some of these types of hemorrhoids you may feel like you have a lot of itching due to mucus that may be formed by the internal hemorrhoid. One of the hemorrhoid symptoms that are especially painful is the larger hemorrhoids that have become really inflamed, in some cases these may even make you feel like you need to have a bowel movement. This may feel particularly uncomfortable especially when you are out somewhere and you do not know whether you have to go to the toilet.

While you may get pain if you do get some bulges from the hemorrhoids there are not as many painful hemorrhoid symptoms associated with internal hemorrhoids unless you get a strangulated hemorrhoid, in this case you have a protruding hemorrhoid being cut off by the sphincter muscle, you may experience very extreme pain and may want to see your doctor right away. Don't feel bad about having this condition, it is very common and seeing a doctor can help you find a cure before it gets out of hand.

In most cases you will find some home treatment for the hemorrhoid symptoms such as changing your diet and trying a healthier lifestyle, adapting to this style you will be able to save your prevent the effects of hemorrhoids. Knowing your hemorrhoid symptoms are just a few ways you can take steps to getting your cure for the problem of hemorrhoids and take care of the problem that cause this problem.

You should take the time to learn about your body and what is changing in your life, especially if one of those changes is the painful hemorrhoids, check with your doctor. Be sure that you report whether you have had severe changes in your bleeding or if you have stool problems. Remember also that hemorrhoid symptoms are best treated by natural treatment options such as diet and herbal treatments.

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The Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

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This article was published on 2010/04/03