Treating Hemorrhoids

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Treating Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids or piles are swollen [Varicose] veins in the anal and rectum, which may enlarge sufficiently to hang down outside the anus. They are very common, usually resulting from chronic constipation, and tend to run in families. Piles may cause bleeding from the anus and itchness, but rarely severe pain. In severe cases they may need to be surgically removed or injected with a sclerosing agent, which makes them shrivel up.

There are two kinds of Hemorrhoids:

Internal Hemorrhoids which may occurs inside of the rectum below the anus lining.

External hemorrhoids are painful swellings a the sides of the anus caused by rupture of an anal veins.

Here are some treatment of hemorrhoids:

1. Changing your diet. - This is one way of treating a hemorrhoids by changing you diet. the first thing you must do is make sure that everyday, you must drink at least 6 glasses of water and also increase your fiber in diet. Because fiber helps you by easing up the defecation process, by including fiber in your daily meals, you not only treat the hemorrhoids by decreasing the amount of pressure you put on them, but also prevent their development.

2. Exercise Regularly -this can help you improve your health in many other ways.this can increase the strength of your veins, which if they too weak can result in hemorrhoids.

3. Sitz bath -apply this 10 to 20 minutes of hot tub bath, 2 to 4 times daily brings heat to the area, it also provides relief from the pain and promote healing.

4. Keep clean the anal area. - You must clean your anal everday by using mild soap and gentle apply it after a bowel movement. You must avoid vigorous rubbing of the area.

5. Talcum powder. -use this to absorb moisture, you can also use pad of soft tissue. Keep the anus as dry as possible.

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Treating Hemorrhoids

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