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Treating hemorrhoids is not very difficult to do as there are many home remedies that can treat hemorrhoids without resorting to medical interventions. The problem is that many hemorrhoids sufferers are not aware of the existence of this mode of treatment. Hemorrhoids are not a very serious ailment. This is neither a life-threatening nor a dangerous malady.

Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external. The description is based on the location of the hemorrhoids with respect to the dentate line of the anal canal. The internal hemorrhoids are found above the dentate line while the external hemorrhoids are below the line of the anal canal. Either way, there are many ways of treating hemorrhoids.

Try the use of a sitz bath. You can use a basin and pour in warm water into it. Add in any of the salts including Epsom salt, herbal salt and even baking soda. Then you can sit in warm water that covers the buttocks and hips. Soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Do this a few times a day. Sitting in warm water will allow more blood to reach the hemorrhoids thereby promoting healing and reducing the pain.

Check your diet to ensure that you have enough fibers in your meals. Stop taking sugary and refined food. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables. You can also obtain them from whole grains like rice and oats. Taking fibers will provide watery bulk for the intestinal tract. As man is made up of 65 percent water it is thus obvious that we should consume food with high water content. You should not take meat, cheese, eggs, wheat and refined grains as these are constipating in nature.

Take plenty of exercise. Exercise will boost your immune system. In addition, exercise will stimulate the abdominal area that will thus improve digestion. Indigestion will lead to constipation and will worsen hemorrhoids.

Consume vitamins and minerals as these supplements are required by the body for tissue respiration, digestion and elimination. The pancreas also needs the vitamins to initiate the production of enzymes required for digestion. Indigestion will cause the food wastes to stay longer in the digestive tract causing toxins accumulation and infections.

Treating hemorrhoids has never been that easy and the home remedies for the treatment have been found to be very effective by thousands of hemorrhoids sufferers. They are not only simple to use, they are also safe and easily available.

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Treating Hemorrhoids - Effective Hemorrhoids Treatment

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This article was published on 2011/01/11