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There are two types of Hemorrhoids, the body can manifest it internally and/or externally. Internal Hemorrhoids are those which are found at the rectal side or at the top of the anal canal. Those which begin to manifest near the anus, in the lower end of the anal canal are known as external Hemorrhoids. Therefore it is clear that depending upon the location of hemorrhoid's origin, i.e., either above or below the dentate line, Hemorrhoids are differentiated by the names internal or external Hemorrhoids.

When you consider hemorrhoidal clumps, also called as cushions, comprise of blood vessels and tissues which support them in the upper anal canal. These cushions are divided into three directions, because of their orientations: right posterior, right anterior and left lateral. There is a swelling of the blood vessels in the anal cushions as well as increase in the size of the tissues supporting them, when puffed-up internal Hemorrhoids are formed. Problems are caused due to projection of blood vessels and the bulging mass of tissue into the anal canal. However, there is no clear evidence as to the causes of formation of external Hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of this type of Hemorrhoids known as internal Hemorrhoids are varied, but generally they are indicated when you notice bright red blood marks on toilet tissue papers or bright red blood in the toilet seat or toilet bowl, after you have had a normal bowel movement. Blood is also noticed on the top of the stool.

Internal Hemorrhoids are frequently defined as swollen, small cluster of veins in the anal canal's wall. However, they can also be a large mass of drooping veins that protrude out of the anus all the time. These sagging mass of veins are very painful when they are compressed by the anal muscles as they bulge out. The pain tends to increase when blood supply is restricted to the hemorrhoid. A bulging type of hemorrhoid may also leave mucus on the stool, and it will also be noticed on your toilet paper. If the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off it can cause a great deal of pain. If the hemorrhoid is bulging out, you also may see mucus on the toilet paper or stool.

External Hemorrhoids

When the Hemorrhoids protrude outside the area surrounding the anus, and are very tender when felt, they are known as external Hemorrhoids. This type of Hemorrhoids also can bleed, and when the blood pools, it forms into a hard hurting protuberance. This is called a thrombosis or blood clot and referred to as a clotted hemorrhoid.

Mere bleeding from rectus cannot be recognized as a type of hemorrhoid, because bleeding can emanate from other GI track diseases, or cancer of the intestinal track or cancer of the anus. Thus proper physical examination by an expert and tests can determine the type of hemorrhoid that you are afflicted with.

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Type of Hemorrhoids

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